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Trekking to Luling via state park

By Edward A. Forbes

The Bulletin

I had been working on my 2003 Roadtrek (to be known as Trekkie) for a while. I was preparing for a road trip the length and itinerary to be determined. I only knew that on my solo road trip I was going to stop in Luling for a couple of days and visit state parks.

My trusted mobile RV mechanic finished checking out my water systems, including the hot variety, and pronounced her worthy of a test. He did this on a Saturday, and I started packing and making a list of requisite supplies the very next day.

I wanted to make it simple, so I made a meatloaf (took several servings), some beans and sausage I had prepared previously, chili made and frozen previously, and Honey Nut Cheerios. I loaded soft drinks in the propane-powered refrigerator as well. I took distilled water and bottled water to drink. The distilled water was for my morning coffee. I was ready.

On Tuesday, I decided to vary my path and elected to go through Edna, Texas, with the next stop to be Gonzales. I drove past Lake Texana and thought, “I’ve never been there,” turned around and got a camp site with water and electric hookups for a few days.

I wandered throughout the park, looking at the best places to camp and fish, where the best bath and restroom facilities were located, and I watched the birds, squirrels, and deer.

There were lots of trails to hike, and invariably a cool breeze sauntered in from the lake. As a retiree for eight-plus years, I didn’t need to unwind, but I did, anyway.

Brackenridge Park and Lake Texana are sister parks, and one entrance fee covers admission to both facilities. Lake Texana provides the campsites for tents, RV sites with electric and water connections, and some cabins.

I chose a site for Trekkie that had water and electricity, but I elected not to hook up to the water as I was a short distance from a comfort station that offered rest rooms and showers.

 I hiked around looking at sites that had the best access to fishing. Lake Texana Park also had a few fishing piers with cleaning stations. My next visit will involve a fishing pole.

These parks were part of the Texas State Park system from September 1981 until August 31, 2012, when the Lavaca-Navidad River Authority assumed their ownership. I will spend time at Brackenridge on my next visit. They still retain the feel of a state park.

Thursday morning, I pulled out early and aimed Trekkie for my next stop - Gonzales. I wanted to stop at their Walmart and say hello to a fellow pharmacist and Luling High School graduate. He’s been a Walmart pharmacist for 51 years. He was off, and I missed seeing him on this trip. Maybe I’ll do better this summer.

I stayed with a friend in Luling for three nights.

While in Luling, you must have coffee and eat at Mom’s Front Porch, where Gretchen Moore works her magic with homemade breads for sandwiches, especially the chicken salad. I tried to avoid the muffins, cookies and killer pigs-in-a-blanket with no success.

 I also had to visit Blue Grant, chef extraordinaire, at her In Good Spirits Wines Restaurant for escargot and, of course, wine.

There were other interesting items on her menu that will have to wait for my next visit.

For my next stop, I decided to look at Lockhart State Park while I had the chance. I’ll tell you all about it next time.


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