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My New Year’s resolution is to economize more and less

By Edward Forbes

The Bulletin

I look forward to the New Year.

I’m not a child of The Depression, although my family didn’t have a lot. I am in a bit of a quandary trying to figure out some of my moves to economize. I vow to make my resolutions for the New Year to end this trend.

Am I the only septuagenarian out there that feels compelled to use a tube of toothpaste to the point of needing a rolling pin to get the last good squeeze out? I set the bottle of ketchup upside down so all of it will drain down to the spout, good to the last drop. I use a bar of soap until it literally disappears as I lather up. I will eat leftovers for 5 or more days until they are gone. This is no mean feat as I am cooking for five and eating for one.

The dish water in the sink is used until it is discolored and has floating objects in it. (It’s O.K. - I put them in the dishwasher after I clean them in the sink). I am putting a brand of jelly on my breakfast toast that I don’t like but refuse to discard. (I bought it for travel in my RV because it was in a plastic squeeze bottle). I use my stick deodorant until the plastic edges are dominant. I use the minimal amount of detergent in the washing machine and then run soak and double rinse cycles. (Have you priced water lately?)

I try to keep my wine purchases at $15 or less per bottle, although if it doesn’t love my palate, it won’t get a second appearance. I need some new shoes but balk at spending $100 for something that won’t fit properly when I get them home.

These oddities being mentioned don’t explain the other side of the proverbial coin.

I have been dieting and have begun wearing a smaller size of clothing. I was gathering some of the larger sizes to take to a center and suddenly found that I have over 30 pull-over shirts and 20 pairs of shorts. (Yes, I'm one of those older guys who wear shorts daily.)

Who needs that many - especially if you are using a rubber spatula to clean out the last remnants of peanut butter from the jar?

I wonder if all these things just mean I am becoming my grandfather. Am I going to turn into a curmudgeon? I certainly hope not as I find a smile when meeting, passing or conversing with a person is the only way to go. The smile sets the mood and usually will elicit one in response.

Maybe I am becoming just a little eccentric. Nonetheless, my New Year’s resolution will be to cease and desist this type of parsimonious behavior.

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