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My kid’s new favorite song isn’t exactly what I had in mind

By Stephanie G. Johnson

The Bulletin

I was reading online that toddlers become obsessed with certain songs. I know my toddler is obsessed with a couple of Cocomelon songs; aren’t they all? All the songs that got his attention were kid songs.

That all changed once we watched the Superbowl this year. You know, the one where Snoop Dog and some other performers did the halftime show. I honestly don’t remember anything other than Snoop Dog, because my toddler freaked out, ran into the living room and started dancing like he had ants in his pants.

I recorded a video of it, but it was one of the funniest things he has ever done. He doesn’t dance much, only when he is really feeling the music. It was full-on arms in the air, waving them like he just didn’t care. He was throwing his own little party to Snoop Dog’s song, “Drop it like it’s Hot”.

I never thought this would become my toddler’s favorite song. I didn’t exactly want it to be his song; it doesn’t have the best lyrics. He is starting to understand words, so the last thing I want is for him to listen to this song - not a great influence. I don’t want him going to his church daycare singing these lyrics.

So, as the show ends, my almost-two-year-old has a new Snoop Dog obsession and requests more. He has a meltdown that Snoop Dog is over, so I tell Alexa to play the song “Drop it like it’s Hot” explicit version. I thought maybe that version would be better, no curse words.

He goes into dance mode again and loses his mind. I am at a loss for words still. Do other parents go through this? He had never heard Snoop Dog in his life before this day.

The next day rolls around, and I figured he would be over his one-day obsession and forget about it. He wakes up in the morning and looks at me and says one of the first, clear, long sentences he has ever said. “Momma, I want to dance to Snoop Dooooog.” I am in trouble. He didn’t forget a thing.

So, before a meltdown that morning, I went to Alexa and told her to play us Snoop Dog, “Drop it like it’s Hot.” My toddler gets the biggest smile ever and loses his mind. He wants me to dance with him this time and hold him so we can dance together.

That song is not short when you are dancing for almost four minutes straight with a 25-pound child on your hip. I was sweating by the end of it. He loved every minute of it, so it made it worth it. And It’s good exercise.

I was hoping that he would forget about this newly found genre of music. The next week, my best friend came over. Well, he decided to show off for her and repeated his magical request. She looked baffled and couldn’t believe what he just asked. She got the whole show that day.

Maybe this obsession will go away with time if we just don’t listen to it or tell anyone, but it’s not likely.

My niece came over, and he had the same request. She is 10-ish, and I don’t want her listening to this song. I don’t want my almost-two-year-old to be a bad influence on her. He put on the whole show for her, happier than ever.

At this point, I am convinced he just likes showing off when people come over to visit. He does it every time. Is he trying to embarrass me, or is he just trying to show people his new favorite song? He doesn’t exactly understand the words except for the “drop it like it’s hot” part, where he drops it, and then he acts like he is driving and parking a car.

Snoop Dog, I have one request. Can you make up a child’s version of this song? You would make a ton of money. I am getting tired of making my own words up to keep the song rated G. And, I can’t rap it the same way you can.

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